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So we started SR/Alguima/DrapniurCave runs.  And we're smoking em.  As soon as you level to these areas we plan to run all through them to get experience and campaigns done.  Next one on the list is Dark Poeta a lvl 50 instance and a pain in the ass quite frankly. That instance consits of a timed effer for a final grad and that in turn determines the end "boss" you fight.  Which drops the goodies we all want and crave.  To achieve this the main focus will be fire resistant gear.  Which also requires some high level crafting going's on.  So to that avail tis week we shall be working towards the crafting side for said instance. Not only that but it gives us a chance to level those horrible "crafting" levels a decent amoun for once.  I myself have 460 on tailoring which is a big help.  But we'll need armorsmithing for those pesky plate/chain wearers as well.  That is all for now post anything interesting i wanna see some pics up aswell.  I will be puttin up some of our own runs of said instances's soon.  Goodluck and get to it!!!!

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